Reality Edit

Stake out

After a few days off, Judgment met with Terpsimbrotos about a job.

The Janissary recruited them to stake out a Free Council Lorehouse and obtain an artifact that was to be transported from an area Lorehouse to a more secure Atheneum.

The members of the pylon began to stake out the address they were given in the neighborhood of Saint Denis. They innocuous upper level of the strip-mall revealed itself to be a lorehouse and an entourage of guards arrived to deliver a courier.

As the courier, a mage with unkempt brown hair, went into an unassailable chamber of the lorehouse and left the building.

The action commenced…

  • The Magician stole and enhanced a compact car, used it to ram the courier’s car.
  • Guards immediately began to spill out of the car and…
  • The Tower put a hole in one of the guards and he dropped to the pavement.
  • The courier and threw up a shield of shadows.
  • The Tower was badly wounded by a tricky bit of magic.

After a hasty retreat, the Members of Judgement interrogate their prisoner. They eventually enlist the help of Sylph or The Fundament to probe his thoughts.

Before being unceremoniously strangled and dumped in Twilight, the pentacle couriers thoughts revealed his suspicions about an American named Grant and the address the the phony parcel was supposed to be delivered.

Enter Judgement

Judgment. A group of Sorcerers bound in a commitment to clandestine arts. They are the perfect unit to serve the selfless and devious aims of the Guardians of the veil. However, their invitation seems to have been lost in the mail.

These six mages are watchers inducted into the Ministry of Panopticon. The subtle influence of the Exarchs have compelled them to establish themselves in Paris to prosecute their duties as Seers of the Throne.

They enter Paris on the same day they are to meet with a Quinirus, Aureline and a Janissary Terpsimbrotos. These meetings took place in a Hostel, as is commonplace in the long shadow of the Iron Pyramid. The Hostel is known as the Elementary Estate and with very little difficulty the group was ushered into their meeting with Terpsimbrotos.

The Janissary simply requested their aid in a future matter that could benefit from new hands on deck. He beat around the bush trying to seem conversational while trying to avoid saying anything too useful and trying to weasel his way out of the meeting room.

The Quinirus offered a little more in the way of advice. She led the pylon through some information about Paris for a new pylon. She eventually requested some face time with The Heirophant who obliged. They discussed his advancement dossier and agreed that after some approval form above, The Heirophant had a good chance of becoming a Sacrum.

After Meeting with [Gnome], one of the proprietors of the Hostel, the group was invited to stay for a night free of charge.

That night some suspicious magical activity woke the group and spells began to cascade from all present in an effort to prepare.

  • A bomb dropped out of nowhere on the floor overhead.
  • Gnome and Salamander averted the majority of the disaster.
  • A drunken sleeper went off like a mind bomb.
  • 4 mages teleported in. 2 men, 1 woman, 1 masked (presumably male)
  • The Heirophant rushed the female and grabbed her.
  • The Tower brutally gunned down one of the unmasked males.
  • The Hanged Man began to apply pressure with an ephemeral sword.
  • The Magician attempted to impede the assailants using magic.
  • Gnome and Salamander returned to the building.
  • The Tower gunned down a second intruder.
  • The masked mage banned bullets from his whereabouts, then teleported himself and the fallen woman away.
  • The last intruder ran.

In the aftermath, the pylon helped the Fundament repair the situation and prepare for police interference. The two hostelers explained that the masked man had been inside as well as outside and had tried to find something before he was repelled.

There the pylon slept until the next morning and began to search for their own lodging.


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